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Ipseity is a London-based platform: a go-to place for curated unique, ethical and sustainable collections of limited editions and one-off pieces created by an array of innovative and international independent fashion designers.

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Trends come and go, but style endures.
Whether we curate it consciously or not, every individual has a distinct style that reflects their personality, passions and above all, their core, inner being. Could it be then, that our zodiac sign influences how we dress? Our Venus sign is a profound indicator of your sense of style. This is because the planet Venus rules all things beauty and strongly determines our sense of aesthetics, what we’re naturally drawn to, and how we choose to express this through our appearance.
Our Ethical Archive Collection, inspired by astrology, is made of 12 distinct looks inspired by the core traits of each of the zodiac signs.
We have reworked your favourite pieces from our six previous collections, created by 25 designers from 6 different countries! Each piece is a very limited edition or a one-off, made out of leftover fabrics and materials, for the purpose of having zero waste.

Shop The Astro Looks From Our ARCHIVE COLLECTION

Aries Look


Taurus Look


Gemini Look


Cancer Look


Leo Look


Virgo Look


Libra Look


Scorpio Look


Sagittarius Look


Capricorn Look


Aquarius Look


Pisces Look



Every product sold, we plant a tree!

Check out how it works.

Ethical and Sustainable Fashion Plant
We believe sustainability is a way of life and fashion can be a part of it too.
You have the right to know how a design was made, using which materials and where in the world. This is the transparency that everyone now needs to make the right choices towards a better future.
By shopping from small and independent brands, you can have the privilege to benefit from a total transparency as the designers source, design and manufacture locally.


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