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Anoushka Van Rijn is a New Zealand based Jewellery designer.

Her aesthetic is a combination of her love of vintage and New Zealand’s incredible scenery. “My collection is centred around bold statement jewellery for the woman who wants to stand out, feel special, and isn’t afraid to be different. I strive to help women move out of their fashion comfort zones and to embrace courageous, confident design”. All of her pieces are created and made by hand in New Zealand.

 “My favourite Chanel saying is, “in order to be irreplaceable one must always be different,” and I follow her words with all my heart. We are ALL irreplaceable because we are ALL different. I feel it is so important to embrace our uniqueness. I hear so many women say, “oh, but I can’t pull that off.” So, I say in reply, “the only reason you can’t pull it off is because you don’t believe YOU CAN”.

Anoushka loves our concept: “Ipseity is such a fantastic idea: one that I’ve never experienced before”. She decided to join Ipseity’s exciting new movement, and she also thought it was an amazing opportunity to extend her brand internationally. Her Natural NZ collection she created for us consists of unique vintage pieces from specially sourced New Zealand seashells, pearls, stones and crystals.

Follow the brand on Instagram: @anoushkavanrijnjewellery

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