We plant a tree for every item sold! #onetreeplanted
  • British Vogue 2020 Cover


    IPSEITY is in this year’s iconic September Issue of British Vogue!
    For the first time in Vogue’s 128-year history, all 26 global editions have united to celebrate positive voices from around the world in a global portfolio of photography and a shared issue theme: Hope.

  • Eco Grief Ana Mendieta

    Eco Grief And The Move Towards Consciousness

    Brands need to not only source and produce sustainably, but also be mindful about communicating consciously via campaigns and digital media, highlighting the pressing ecological issues of the modern world.

  • Vogue Italia Mother

    Vogue Italia

    This editorial for Vogue Italia features model and activist Alexsandrah Gondora in our sustainable and ethical designers.

  • LFW Ethical Virtual Runway

    LFW – Ethical Virtual Runway

    At Ipseity, we have done our own VIRTUAL RUNWAY too for digital LFW to help many great causes! We are supporting the Black Lives Matter Movement as well as planting a tree 🌱
    We are also excited to enter the John Lewis and Partners cause to help donating to the British Fashion Council Foundation Fashion Fund for the Covid Crisis 🙌

  • World Oceans Day

    World Oceans Day

    Why should we care about the oceans?
    In 30 years time, there will be more PLASTIC than FISH in the seas, while oceans are fundamental to human life!

  • World Environment Day

    World Environment Day

    We can say 2020 is certainly the year that has awaken us on so many issues our society is facing today and has been facing for many years and years. 2020 is a year where we finally accept the urgency of the need for change…

  • #WHOMADEYOURCLOTHES with Shakila Thebe

    #WHOMADEYOURCLOTHES with Shakila Thebe

    Discover #whomadeyourclothes with Ethical and Sustainable Brand Shakila Thebe! She believes that the work we produce or how we produce it has the potential to bring the change for a good impact in the fashion industry. Her creations are fluid, genderless, abstract design with re-wearability element.

  • #WHOMADEYOURCLOTHES with Francesca Palumbo

    #WHOMADEYOURCLOTHES with Francesca Palumbo

    Discover #whomadeyourclothes with Ethical and Sustainable Brand Francesca Palumbo! She wants to make women feel empowered and confident in her clothes and able to express themselves. Her last collection highlights the damage and the delicate nature of the sea and the ecosystem.

  • #WHOMADEYOURCLOTHES with Manimekala

    #WHOMADEYOURCLOTHES with Manimekala

    Discover #whomadeyourclothes with Ethical and Sustainable Brand Manimekala! All her pieces are created from the leftover materials from previous collections as well as bits that she collected during her time working in the industry.

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