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  • Astro Cocktails

    Astro Cocktails

    Astrology is one of our guilty pleasures, and we can never resist reading our horoscopes—especially when it has to do with yummy cocktails! Find out which cocktail is made for you depending on your Zodiac sign!

  • Upcycling: Dealing With a Waste Problem

    Upcycling: Dealing With A Waste Problem

    As mainstream design labels adopt newer, more sustainable practices in order to stay abreast with the demands of the conscious consumer, there has been a steady rise in the number of smaller, emerging labels whose philosophies are entirely based on finding creative, chic solutions to fashion’s nasty problems.

  • Uma Gaia x Ipseity

    Uma Gaia x Ipseity

    Ipseity has participated in a wellness retreat week end with the beautiful Olivia Panella, holistic health practitioner and founder of Uma Gaia, which guides you to feel more empowered, more connected to your body, mind and spirit. Last week end, she introduced us to intuition, a fascinating subject!

  • Vogue Portugal Overproduction

    Over Production: a Fashion Epidemic

    Overproduction and waste has become an increasingly concern for both consumers and governments which both have increasingly begun to pressure fashion brands to tackle this issue. Let’s see what we can all do!

  • Sustainability x Gabriele Davare

    In the middle of a second lockdown, we were thinking of something that truly makes us happy and that we can do at home: cooking! When you can mix sustainability and food, it cannot get better. So we “zoomed” with Chef Gabriele Davare from his kitchen to get some advice on cooking some comforting yet sustainable recipes.

  • The Pop Up Store That Plants Trees

    The Pop Up Store That Plants Trees – September 2020

    Last September Ipseity was hosting The Pop Up Store That Plants Trees in Notting Hill on the famous Portobello Road, gathering all London-based fashion brands together in one ethical place…

  • Anna Broeng x Ipseity

    Anna Broeng x Ipseity

    Ahead of the opening of our pop up store, we contacted the Danish interior designer Anna Broeng for tips and inspiration on how we could set up and decorate the store in an ethical way.

  • Condé Nast Traveller Cover


    Ipseity is in this year’s September Issue of Condé Nast Traveller! Bringing focus to the new mood for slow, meaningful and thoughtful travel, as we all become aware of the changes needed both in the wake of Covid-19 and for a more sustainable world.

  • British Vogue 2020 Cover


    IPSEITY is in this year’s iconic September Issue of British Vogue!
    For the first time in Vogue’s 128-year history, all 26 global editions have united to celebrate positive voices from around the world in a global portfolio of photography and a shared issue theme: Hope.

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