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Christina Schatzeder, born and raised in Upper Austria, near Linz. The brand Cha.rạk.ter Couture was created in 2017 and since than Christina has been based in Vienna, Austria.

Her Inspiration and creative energy derives from anything, such as nature, architecture, textiles and fabrics or sometimes it´s just the little things she notices through random occurrences.

Christina says she would not define what brand Cha.rạk.ter Couture is or what style it represents as she says she’s “still on a journey of discovering…” but we could describe its style as a refined balance between street attitude and elegance.

She joined IPSEITY because she really liked the idea of creating “unique pieces for unique people.” The theme behind her designs for us is to “express your own individual style with colour and creativity and to spread and feel free and full of positivity”.

Follow the brand on Instagram: @cha.rak.ter_couture

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