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Christoph Ritter is a London based fashion designer from Austria.

His main source of inspiration are the absurdities that we come across every day, be it in politics, media or any other social phenomenon.

He would describe the style of his brand as Reflective. Focused. Aware. “There is a reason why people wear what they wear and I am creating garments that stay true to a message but adapt to the uniqueness of its wearer. The ultimate goal with each garment is to visualize and exteriorize the beautiful mind kept within us”.

Designer Christoph Ritter loved the idea of developing a small collection of garments for IPSEITY, “which all exist only for themselves, without being reproduced, it offers so much beauty and unique to the designer and the customer. It very much resembles the spirit of Haute Couture creations, yet it has a down-to-earth quality. This dichotomy is the inspiration for this collection. Each garment represents a standard representative of its kind – but forces its wearer through adjustment to express both of their full individual potential”.

Follow the brand on Instagram: @christophritterstudio

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