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Daixa Somed is a Barcelona based jewellery and accessory designer from Majorca.

Daixa Somed proposes jewellery with a valuable sustainable philosophy. The silver used in their creations is Eco silver, an ecological alternative to conventional silver, which isobtained from the recycling of pieces composed solely of this wonderful material. In addition, the natural stones with which Daixa Somed works have their origin in responsible mines, in which only adults work on a small scale. Mime to the environment is a priority for the brand. For this reason, they avoid the use of toxic products and DO NOT eliminate discharges into the water. It is a firm that works in a traditional way with noble materials such as gold, silver and precious stones.

Their jewels are destined to strong women, without complexes and feminine. And if you also feel identified with sustainable luxury, there is nothing else to talk about. Signature designs are exclusive, as all collections are limited edition or capsule collections. Daixa Somed defends that each woman is unique, and this is how she shapes it in each of her designs.

Therefore, jewellery designer Daixa Somed was very enthusiastic about collaborating with IPSEITY as we share the same values: “The fact of creating something unique for a unique person, who chooses it, and only she possesses it seems wonderful to me. With my brand I follow a little the same motto, I believe that each woman and each being is unique, for that reason she deserves a unique jewel that accompanies her. In Daixa Somed they are always capsule collections, with very limited units, and handmade. I flee from the mass sale, and I am horrified to see everyone with the same accessory or same garment. It is worth more quality than quantity”.

Follow the brand on Instagram: @daixa_somed

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