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Dowa is a bags brand created by mother-daughter duo, Delia and Renda, from Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

They believe that inspiration can come from anywhere. You don’t have to be in a particular mood to create a design but you do need to be open-minded. As such, Delia often draw inspiration from her travels and the places she has been to. For example, the inspiration for the collection they created for Ipseity came from her memory of visiting the Cotswolds back in 2019. Dowa combines Indonesian artisanship with stylish contemporary designs. Their style is both elegant yet casual and they try to highlight the traditional craft aspect of the crochet without compromising on overall functionality and looks.

The three most important values for Dowa bags brand are being fair, uniqueness and no compromise on quality.

Dowa resonates with Ipseity’s goal to highlight identity and individuality through fashion pieces.  For this collection, the designer was inspired by the beauty as well as the resilience of winter florals. The flowers are a symbol of a new beginning, an optimistic view on the future.

Follow the brand on Instagram: @dowabag.co

  • Floral Crochet Sling Bag

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  • Floral Crochet Bucket Bag

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  • Floral Crochet Clutch

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  • Floral Crochet Wristlet

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  • Stripe Crochet Wristlet

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