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Knitwear Designer Elin Manon is based in South Wales.

Ideas surrounding material culture, social class, sentiment and sustainability are some of the core values of her brand. Elin Manon describes her style as eclectic with an out of the box approach, merging different elements together in an aesthetically pleasing way, without being outlandish or too garish.

Buying a knitwear piece from designer Elin Manon means owning something completely unique, one-off and handcrafted with love. Elin believes that when you choose a piece of clothing, you’re making a decision that represent a part of your character. Wearing an outfit from an independent brand or collective gives you that exclusivity.

Elin Manon’s collection for Ipseity focuses on repurposing the materials she has collected throughout the year. The collection consists of hand worked off-cut knits with multicolored and textural effect, t-shirts made from vintage fabrics, knitted swatches and combined with silky bamboo jersey, skirt inspired by the wallpaper from her family home. Each piece is made is handmade with pure love and emotion.

Follow the brand on Instagram: @elinmanon

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