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Shelby Marie Fuller is the designer behind the knitwear brand Elizabeth An’Marie and is based in London. She is a self-taught designer. “I enjoy clothes, and the colours it brings. I enjoy learning new things and that’s why I found it fun to teach myself to knit”.

She believes her brand is unique. One of her many mottos is “you were made to be the only unique one in any room!”. Elizabeth An’Marie is a brand which in mind want to empower women to be whoever they want to be and do whatever they like. Each piece she creates tells a story.

She believes IPSEITY and Elizabeth An’Marie make a perfect match. “IPSEITY not only inspire people to be themselves, but they help emerging brands, like myself. They help brands find their step in this big world of fashion. And that’s why I joined IPSEITY. The idea behind each of my pieces designed for IPSEITY was inspired by a club I would love to be a part of one day- ‘Lonely Hearts Club’. I designed “Don’t text him” and “Do you still think of me” jumpers both inspired by two different types of girls. One who perhaps is, shy and not so confident, wanting to text him back. Other cheeky and confident, wondering if her ex still thinks about her they all have a personal narrative which I love to explore in my collections”.

Follow the brand on Instagram: @shop_elizabethanmarie

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