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Helena Bodholdt is a Copenhagen based designer behind the brand Helena Fananda.

She has a fascination for eastern/oriental designs and a passion for sexuality and body image; she became obsessed with breaking the dress code. Her endless inspiration is very personal as it narrates her story of being a woman. “Girls are taught very early that their body has so much power that is must be suppressed with rules, is something that I carry with me today in the way that I want to change this hyper sexualization that is forced on the female body”.

Brand Helena Fananda uses unique inspired threads as she mentioned “The red thread of the oriental inspiration, and a splash of kawaii (cuteness) but at the same time I like to use my brand to express my thoughts about society and try to open up a discussion about topics that are on my mind”.

“When I read about the project with IPSEITY I was immediately inspired by their concept. As a ready-to-wear designer I thought it was a really great opportunity to create something that I normally don’t have the opportunity to do, like hand painting or using some of the beautiful fabrics I have collected or had donated”.  The theme for IPSEITY shows her brand DNA through the four styles she specially created for us. “This project has given me confidence to trust my instincts and create pieces that I felt would want to represent the brand. My theme in a way was to experiment with some of the core styles of my brand, but create them outside of the ready-to-wear rules”.

Follow the brand: @helenafananda

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