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Jennifer Moica is the Fashion Designer behind brand Jen MM DSGN. Born and raised in Italy she is currently based in Germany.

Brand Jen MM DSGN proposes a contemporary, individual look into uniqueness. She designs to empower, give strength to those who want to be unique and not like thousand others, just be them. Her collection shows style from a fusion between streetwear and high-end /couture, edgy, casual but at the same time elegant.

In her everyday life, she always looks for things that no-one has, even when she went to school she always wanted to look different, be her and not being a copy of someone else. “Of course, when you go to a special event or an important occasion you want to look good and be unique and seeing someone wearing the same piece may put you down in some way”.

“I decided to be part of IPSEITY because their philosophy which matches my personal understating of fashion and JEN MM DSGN fit quite well together. I create designs/ fashion that are limited and/or unique one-off pieces as they are created and handmade by me. So how couldn’t I join in!” For her pieces she was inspired by Yves Klein and Le Corbusier. “It is a collection that makes you feel unique, be part of today’s generation, be something new or just be who you want to be”.

Follow the brand on Instagram: @jen_mm_

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