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Trashion Factory (previously JOA) is an independent clothing brand based in East London.

Trashion Factory challenges their creativity on a daily basis by being inspired by what they find around them! The young and inspired entrepreneur question the current fashion system and believe that it’s time to change it. Independent. brand Trashion Factory is a genderless brand, designing for personalities while taking into account the fact that it is up to them to change the industry for the better. Zero waste, socially and locally engaged, and uniqueness are the values that run at the core of the brand. The young mind shop second hand, taking a step towards changing the fashion system, not only with her brand, but also through her personal choices.

The fact that Ipseity curates’ ethical and independent clothing designers was a go to for being a part of it. The capsule collection’s theme is based on spring, its feeling of everything renewing and how many different personalities might want to express that through their clothing.

Follow the brand on Instagram: @trashionfactory

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