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Christina is the womenswear designer behind brand Kalissi. She is from Austria and currently based in Vienna.

Her womenswear brand Kalissi is a way of being able to express what dressing up means to Christina. She designs pieces she wants to wear but that she can’t find anywhere else. She loves colours and is obsessed with layering patterns, mixing different fabrics and creating wild shapes. She has never been scared to dress up or what other people might think of what she was wearing. All of her pieces are handmade in Austria.

She feels really sad when she sees people wearing the same shoes, jumpers and jeans on the street, that she thought IPSEITY was a great chance to become part of a growing collective and inspire others to wear one-of-a-kind items to feel more special.

Her mini collection designed especially for IPSEITY is influenced by blossoming flowers and the relief of the change of season with Winter finally taking off. There is a great paradox between the fragility of a flower and the bold shapes, colours and impressions of her clothes.

Follow the brand on Instagram: @kalissi.vienna

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