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IPSEITY Archive Collection
The Astro Edition



Trends come and go, but style endures. Whether we curate it consciously or not, every individual has a distinct style that reflects their personality, passions and above all, their core, inner being. Could it be then, that our zodiac sign influences how we dress? Many modern astrologers have reason to believe that our sun sign, that largely determines our overall personality can influence how we dress. However, our Venus sign, which is the sign Venus was in at the time of your birth, is a more accurate and profound indicator of your sense of style. This is because the planet Venus rules all things beauty and strongly determines our sense of aesthetics, what we’re naturally drawn to, and how we choose to express this through our appearance.


Our Ethical Archive Collection, inspired by astrology, is made of 12 distinct looks inspired by the core traits of each of the zodiac signs.


We have reworked your favourite pieces from our six previous collections, created by 25 designers from 6 different countries! Each piece is a very limited edition or a one-off, made out of leftover fabrics and materials, for the purpose of having zero waste.


Check your Sun and Venus signs to know what our take on your signature style looks like!
For those new to astrology, you can easily check your Venus sign, (and access your birthchart) at https://astro.cafeastrology.com/natal.php . Just enter your details, and voila!






Concept Store: @weareipseity
Production: @yellowcactuspro

Art Director: @mahautharley

Photographer: @albalone

Video Editor and Animation: @_lauralavergne

Stylist: @janemrl

Makeup and Hair: @janaremakeup Jane Re

Model: @hedilatif

Copywriter: @studio_trendscend

Fashion Assistant: Maria Mavromati

Music: Veshza

Brands: Dowa, Filemma, Francesca Palumbo, Trashion Factory, Maison Zal, Relax Baby Be Cool, Shakila Thebe, Simonetta Sabo, Stewart Scott, Auris Ku, Cha.Rak.Ter, Daixa Somed, Harem London, Jen MM DSGN, KathKath Studio, La Filippine, Marée Design, Mengdi Pan, Nadia Fakhoury, No Wallflower Project, Radwa Radwan, Rose Corps, Rüda and Tina Lilienthal.

  • Scorpio Look

    Archive Collection

    Our Ethical Archive Collection, inspired by astrology, is made of 12 distinct looks inspired by the core traits of each of the zodiac signs!

  • Anna Broeng x Ipseity

    Anna Broeng x Ipseity

    Ahead of the opening of our pop up store, we contacted the Danish interior designer Anna Broeng for tips and inspiration on how we could set up and decorate the store in an ethical way.

  • Condé Nast Traveller Cover


    Ipseity is in this year’s September Issue of Condé Nast Traveller! Bringing focus to the new mood for slow, meaningful and thoughtful travel, as we all become aware of the changes needed both in the wake of Covid-19 and for a more sustainable world.

  • British Vogue 2020 Cover


    IPSEITY is in this year’s iconic September Issue of British Vogue!
    For the first time in Vogue’s 128-year history, all 26 global editions have united to celebrate positive voices from around the world in a global portfolio of photography and a shared issue theme: Hope.

  • Eco Grief Ana Mendieta

    Eco Grief And The Move Towards Consciousness

    Brands need to not only source and produce sustainably, but also be mindful about communicating consciously via campaigns and digital media, highlighting the pressing ecological issues of the modern world.

  • Vogue Italia Mother

    Vogue Italia

    This editorial for Vogue Italia features model and activist Alexsandrah Gondora in our sustainable and ethical designers.

  • PR Hundred Showroom

    PR Hundred Showroom

    Ipseity is now represented by London based PR agency Hundred Showroom who has made a selection of unique pieces from our talented designers to be showcased in their Showroom!

  • LFW Ethical Virtual Runway

    LFW – Ethical Virtual Runway

    At Ipseity, we have done our own VIRTUAL RUNWAY too for digital LFW to help many great causes! We are supporting the Black Lives Matter Movement as well as planting a tree 🌱
    We are also excited to enter the John Lewis and Partners cause to help donating to the British Fashion Council Foundation Fashion Fund for the Covid Crisis 🙌

  • World Oceans Day

    World Oceans Day

    Why should we care about the oceans?
    In 30 years time, there will be more PLASTIC than FISH in the seas, while oceans are fundamental to human life!

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