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Julia Barba-Baudlot is the creator behind bags brand La Filippine.

She takes inspiration from her mother who is one of the oldest costume jewelry exporters in Cebu, the Philippines. With this rich heritage in craftsmanship, it was inevitable that she would create her own line one day.

Bags brand La Filippine was born out of the endless inspiration of Provence. Julia was determined to create a collection where French restraint and Filipino craftsmanship was showcased in each piece. La Filippine can be described as a contemporary brand rooted in artisanal craftsmanship. It’s a collection that is at once feminine and handsome, Franco and yet Filipino. “We are trying to build our DNA with effortless French style and a heritage in craftsmanship at its core.”

Julia decided to join IPSEITY which she says is “inspired and well-organized”. She was attracted by the dynamism of our team, the execution of our events and just the all-around feel of fashion and fun! “The La Filippine capsule collection for IPSEITY are twists on my best-sellers from the first collection. All my bags are named after the women of my life. This collection has a MAXINE my daughter, a PACITA my maternal grandmother and a NANI my sister” among others.

Follow the brand on Instagram: @lafilippine

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