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Julia and Markus, founders of Looops Kerzen, are from Austria and have their own candles manufactory in Mondsee near Salzburg, Austria.

Both Julia and Markus worked together and they eventually wanted to create something of their own. They came up with the idea of packing the nice smells of their countryside in a purely natural candle. They studied every little bit about aromatherapy and how to bring nature in a candle. They were inspired by pure nature and the beautiful landscapes where they live: with a lot of mountains, woods, and lakes; which they use for creating their new scents.

Looops Kerzen are authentic in the making of candles with commitment, pureness, and aspiration: as they only use what nature gives, they do not use synthetics. “Nothing in nature is exactly the same, and it is good that way!”

“IPSEITY and our idea about bringing uniqueness to customers globally were inspiring and therefore we decided to join by creating a special candle for IPSEITY. It features our company’s own little wolf and a nice, exclusive scent of juniper, grapefruit, and basil”.

Follow the brand on Instagram: @looopskerzen

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