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Brand Maison Zal was founded by cousins Kayvane & Golnaz. Growing up in London, and Tehran respectively, they wanted to create a bridge between their two very distinct cultures, weaving Persian customs into the fabric of European design. Maison Zal’s aim is to create distinct, timeless pieces. Their simple yet stylish designs are rendered unique through the vibrant flourish of the Termeh cloth’s intricacies. The fashion label works with hand-crafted materials – Termeh hailing directly from Yazd in Iran – once a key stop on the silk road. The garments can feel both casual and special – wearing one of Maison Zal’s piece is wearing a garment with a story, a journey, a bridge between cultures.

The Shahnameh (which means literally ‘book of kings’) is a cornerstone of Persian culture – the epic can be found in every Iranian home, instilling both a sense of ancient history and mythologies, and a love of poetry in every heart.

Zāl is the label’s eponymous hero because of the breadth of his story. Abandoned as a child, Zal was found and raised by Simorgh (a mythical bird that can be equated with Europeans’ legendary phoenix), who made him a strong and wise warrior – but love is also a large part of his story. Simorgh gave him a feather that he could burn should he ever need her help – as a sign that he always had someone, and core values to come back to.

The young and fresh brand Maison Zal aims for similar ideals to run through their creation – a strong relationship to their garments’ makers and meanings, as they venture out into the world.

Craftsmanship, ancient culture and authenticity are Maison Zal’s core values.

The brand decided to be a part of Ipseity as they see it as a great opportunity to explore the market in UK and Europe.

Follow the brand on Instagram: @maisonzal

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