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Yağmur Solakoğlu, is the Turkish jewellery designer behind brand Marée. She is based in Istanbul.

The designer is deeply connected by nature and believes that the movement energy in nature shapes everything around us which creates diversity. This inspires Yağmur the most and she tries to reflect her impressions to her creations. She also gets her inspiration of all forms of art like cinema, photography and graphic design. She believes that interdisciplinarity makes the perfect balance.

Marée Design’s philosophy is making smart, versatile, stylish choices that consist of minimalistic pieces with a bohemian spirit.  The designer believes that style is more important than any trend.

Jewellery brand Marée decided to join Ipseity because the designer loved its philosophy. It’s a perfect reminder that each person is unique and should be treated likewise. Concordantly, Yağmur designed a capsule collection for Ipseity that has an art theme inspired by the painting, cinema, music and therefore life itself.

Follow the brand on Instagram: @mareedesign

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