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Mei Sun is a London based brand.

Designer Mei Mei dedicated herself to support sustainable fashion by using multi-functional designs.

She finds her inspiration from a normal everyday life.  She believes that even the negative and dark sides can sometimes amaze people. To Mei Mei, finding inspiration doesn’t necessarily have to be from some unimaginable time and space. “Inspiration lives with us”, she says.

The brand “Mei Sun” represent purity and nature. With the aim to give more at less, each piece is multi-functional and the brand dedicates itself to promote sustainable fashion and bring more awareness among people.

Mei Mei decided to be a part of Ipseity because her vision and values are aligned with that of Ipseity and it is a great platform to nourish new emerging creatives.

The sea creature theme has always been Mei Mei’s thing. The designer has always been unusually appreciative towards sea creatures. The vast and unsolvable aquatic environment intrigues her the most.

Follow the brand on Instagram: @m_sun2017

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