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Designer Mengdi Pan is from Dalian, a small coastal city in China.

Growing up in the Chinese 1990’s world, Mengdi was influenced by conservative people and used fashion as a manifesto to prance into the modern global stage.

Her work is all about exposing the sexiness of the female body. “I am fascinated about the beautiful soft curves of the female body. I think it’s powerful. It is good for women to expose their sexiness and to celebrate their sexuality. In my work, I am trying different ways to expose the ‘feminine elements’ through the garments. To expose sexy but not bare”.

Designer Mengdi Pan believes it is a great opportunity to join IPSEITY as a new brand as we aim to bring unique pieces to true meaningful individuals. The collection she is presenting to IPSEITY: “Under the Burning Sun” , is about the breathless feeling under the burning sun during a silent afternoon in an empty street in Morocco. The sun behind the woman draws nice shadows of her body. Mind is blurring in the heated air. In the silent vacuum, she finds energy from her sensibility, nerve and flooding femininity. She finds energy from her own world. This collection is about empowering females.

Follow the brand on Instagram: @mengdipan

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