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Orel Brodt is a half Israeli/half german womenswear designer from Miami who is currently based in New York City.

Her style is colourful, vibrant, happy, and textured. She always works on top of fabric, to manipulate it and make it different from the original, store-bought version. She wants people wearing her clothing to feel happy and strong above anything else.

Designer Orel Brodt decided to join IPSEITY as it was an opportunity for her to showcase her work, make unique pieces, and keep her creative momentum going while she continues to work on her own line. Her theme for this mini collection is based on the bible story of Joseph and his amazing technicolor coat. She loved the idea that a garment can be so special and so colourful, that it causes envy within all who see it. She wanted to produce embroidered, colourful and layered pieces that are show stoppers and that would cause bystanders to ask the question where on earth can I get one of those? and how does the wearer pull it off so well? She also wanted to integrate a sustainability concept with the collection: all waste from the garments were recycled and repurposed into other pieces or accessories.

Follow the brand on Instagram: @orelbrodtdesigns

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