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Chloé is the French womenswear designer behind the brand Pillwaa. She is based in London.

After her studies, she went travelling with her partner. Her confidence and motivation in starting her own clothing brand grew as they went along. In every country they visited, Chloé was on a constant hunt for the nicest fabrics as well as cool designs seen on local people. Her main goal is not to stick to one particular style but to make every single one of her pieces unique. She has very strong morals and values that she has been using as her source of inspiration.

In short, her brand Pillwaa is based on being unique. She believes every individual on this planet is unique and deserves to be valued as one. “Fashion is a way to show who you are, express your feelings as well as your values”.

Chloé decided to join IPSEITY as she believes we have a lot in common. We share the same values and that is the most important part for her. “It seems like a perfect fit and I am very excited to represent IPSEITY through PILLWAA”. For her limited collection she has been inspired by the different cultures she has encountered on her travels. The use of colourful details, feathers and ethnic fabrics is recurrent. 

Follow the brand on Instagram: @pillwaa_ltd

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