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Piret Kartus is an Australia and London based Jewellery brand. The designer is originally from Estonia.

Her jewellery are made using a lot of vintage European materials so it is also the material itself that inspires the creation. Piret describes the style of her brand as big: “I dont do anything small.. The bigger the better but always elegant, tasteful and timeless”. 

Jewellery brand Piret Kartus is all about uniqueness like her values: “If you are a person that follows trends closely then it’s almost impossible not to have a fashion double out there especially now with people wearing brands like Gucci from head to tow.  It reminds me of growing up in soviet union where borders where closed and everybody had the same clothes, same furnitures, same everything. For that reason I am a big fan of responsible consuming and timeless fashion rather than soulless brand worshiping.”

Piret really likes the concept of IPSEITY, it is a chance for her to design something that she can never design again: “I have used some vintage materials that are unique and that I could never find again and also I am being very generous with the volume of these pieces so that they are almost like art pieces for the new owner”. 

Follow the brand on Instagram: @piret_kartus

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