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Hand Painted Lilac Jacket

£145.00 £101.50


PLACE OF PRODUCTION: London, United Kingdom

FABRICATION: Denim jackets are sourced from Hungary and UK and Hand painted by the designer herself

COMPOSITION: Around 80% Cotton and 20% Polyester

CARE INFO: Wash inside out up to 30 degree and iron medium level from the inside.

STORY: For 12 years, I have been studying as a painter, therefore hand painting was always close to my heart, so painting clothing with my hand is always something I love and enjoy. With hand painting, I can create truly unique designs, which never can be replicated perfectly again. Each one of these hand painted designs is unique, on of a kind and have all my heart and soul in them. So if you are looking for something, which no one else has in their wardrobe, this is the jacket for you.

STYLING: Denim jackets are very versatile, so you have plenty of room to play around with accessories and looks, but It is a pure statement piece as it is already. I personally love grabbing my favourite denim jacket over any outfit during any time of the day.

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