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Radwa Radwan is a London based fashion designer from Egypt.

Her designs are bold, loud and they do make a statement. “I like to make garments that send a message, make a statement, and have a story behind them, so my customers are not only wearing it because it looks good, but because it makes them feel good and it inspires them”.

Radwa agrees that it’s not a good feeling at all to find yourself wearing the exact same garment or accessory as somebody else especially when you put so much effort in your outfit before going to an event thinking that everyone will love your look. “Unfortunately, this happens a lot with everything on the high-street market looking exactly the same, brands follow the same trends and that’s how it is on the high-street market. You go to a party or a workplace or simply if you’re walking on the street and it’s like there’s a uniform! It’s crazy ! ».

Designer Radwa Radwan loved the concept of creating something that is completely unique for our customers and that’s why she decided to join us. “For my collection for IPSEITY, I was inspired by femininity and feminism. Some garments feature a different and unique embroidery design inspired by one of my favourite feminist authors Rupi Kaur’s illustrations in her book Milk and Honey”.

Follow the brand on Instagram: @radwaradwandesign

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