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Anastassia Kutuzova, Creator of scarf brand Rüda, is from Estonia and she is currently based in Warsaw, Poland. 

She loves to experiment with colours, patterns, and usually turns to art exhibitions or nature for creative inspiration. She doesn’t take fashion too seriously. She believes “fashion is a way for everyone to express their opinions therefore, it is better to not allow fashion to judge one’s creativity”.

She describes her scarf brand Rüda as “fun, colorful, with a sense of humor and for everyone”.

Her reasons to join IPSEITY was because of the uniqueness behind the concept which felt like a perfect match to her. “I completely agree with everything they stand for, there is a huge need for more diverse and unique fashion. As latest fashion is mainly repetitive and knock off on the high street. I feel IPSEITY can provide customers with unique choices for individuals”. The theme behind RüDA’s collection is modern art, which was inspired by Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol and Frank Miller who were creating something new and different for their times. “Modern art now is digital installations, holograms of artist performing at festivals, social media influencers like Lil’Miquela that don’t event exist”, therefore, Anastassia wanted the prints to be more digitalized while showing respect and honor for her favorite artists.

Follow the brand on Instagram: @rudathebrnd

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