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Shakila Thebe is a London based brand.

Shakila believes that the work we produce or how we produce it has the potential to bring the change for a good impact in the fashion industry.

Shakila’s creative inspiration is quite experiential and thorough. She makes a deep research and loves to experience things on her own to get inspired. Although, it is very easy these days to make a research on the internet, she still believes doing things on her own is the best way to get inspired by things. Her creations are fluid, genderless, abstract design with re-wearability element.

The brand Shakila Thebe believes that Ipseity is the right platform to flourish as a brand as the two represent similar values.

For her collection for Ipseity, Shakila has focused on experimenting and having fun in terms of silhouettes, colors and details. There are many great pieces to layer the looks to make them refreshing yet provocative sometimes.

Follow the brand on Instagram: @shakila.thebe

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