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Stewart Scott, is a London based brand.

The designer, Jennifer,  finds the idea of being able to create wearable versions of a piece of literature or a fictitious character to be highly inspiring and has lead to many of her early concepts for pieces.

 As the designer is only in first year of university, the brand Stewart Scott is very young with the aesthetic growing and changing with her development as a practitioner. She describes her design aesthetic as pushing the boundaries on what a ‘wearable’ and ‘feminine’ item of clothing can be. Jennifer enjoys accentuating, elongating, highlighting the body, and exploring how this can be originally done in her work.  

Acknowledging the importance of craftsmanship, challenging and pushing the brand identity to stay unique as well as staying inclusive, diverse and sustainable are the key values to her.

Ipseity is promoting a positive force that we as consumers should aim to be unique and sustainable in the way we dress”. Jennifer joined Ipseity to take an opportunity that has not been available to her before. Her capsule collection consists of a retro yet modern take on how a young and inspired woman would want to dress in everyday life, looking back to concepts revolving around the sexualisation of the female form.

Follow the brand on Instagram: @jennysscott

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