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Bags brand Tessa Spielhofer is based in London. Originally from Switzerland, Tessa grew up in Israel before living in Hong Kong and now London.

Bags brand Tessa Spielhofer has a fun element in which the customer can continuously customise their bag using elegant, clean and feminine elements. The colours used are inspired by nature and the bags can be easily worn to any outfit.

Tessa agrees that if everyone wears the same then you are no longer unique.

So the brand joined IPSEITY as the idea behind our concept fits right into their brand DNA. They have created an exclusive new style in collaboration with IPSEITY where every piece is 100% unique rather than having a set amount of combinations and variations, as with their current main collection. In order to achieve this, they are combining a variety of materials & leathers, of which most are up-cycled, meaning that the piece is not just one of a kind, it is also ethical and completely hand made.

Follow the brand on Instagram: @tessaspielhofer

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