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Start building your closet of the future with sustainable and ethical pieces designed to be timeless.


ip·se·ity | \ ipˈsēətē\ (n.) selfhood – the quality of being oneself. | the essential element of individual identity.

IPSEITY is a London-based concept brand: a multichannel platform for fashion’s best and most unique upcoming designers. A go-to place for unique, ethical and sustainable fashion pieces.


There’s too much of the same.

Our mission is to give you a story to tell; that is longer than one word, when you’re asked where you got your unique piece. We believe, to our core, that mass production never has a massive effect. If you’re in favour of keeping up with fast fashion trends… IPSEITY is not for you.

We think, all you need is less.

That’s why we curate unique collections of one-off pieces from an array of innovative, international designers. For you, we’ve come up with a way to experience the individuality that you’d like to see in yourself, and on yourself. It’s this process that gives you a real story to tell. If you want personalisation that encapsulates modern womenswear, IPSEITY is for you.


We practice inclusive exclusivity. We foster, manifest and innovate collaboration by working together with carefully selected designers and thinkers, to curate a collection showcasing unique pieces, that are made only for you.

At the center of our every endeavour, is consideration of the reaction. Where there is our conscience, there is our responsibility and that is, to bring to you the promise of striving for sustainability and delivering ingenuity.

We’ll only ever make one. One piece for one individual and that’s at the core of everything we do.

For some designers, it becomes possible to fall into the machine that is fast fashion.

IPSEITY is not for them.

It’s for designers that find that impossible because their crafts are hand-made. We’ve built a ‘selectionist’ community in every sense of the word; their materials, their fabrics, their aesthetics, so that their designs slow the pace enough to draw the eye’s focus to what will become your key, one-of-a-kind, piece.

We seek those that want to differentiate themselves, we support those who have an individual aesthetic and then we bring that, essence to you.

We are craving newness and sustainability.


– The clothing industry alone accounts for 7% of global greenhouse gas emissions, almost the same as the total emissions of the EU. ⁣
– The climate impact of the industry is predicted to increase by 49% by 2030. ⁣
– It takes up to 2700 litres of water to produce a conventional cotton t-shirt.
– Approximately 20% of industrial water pollution comes from textile production.
– Fashion is a wasteful industry with less than 1% of clothing recycled into new clothing.⁣
– 80% of garment workers are women, of whom many work long exhausting hours for less than half of a living wage.
We care deeply about the planet and creating a business that gives back to nature. That’s why we’re thrilled to share that we’re partnering with One Tree Planted to plant a tree for every product sold.
We believe sustainability is a way of life and fashion can be a part of it too.
This is why we curate for you ethical and sustainable designers who can give you genuine reasons to buy fashion. You have the right to know how a design was made, using which materials and where in the world. This is the transparency that everyone now needs to make the right choices towards a better future. By shopping from small and independent brands, you can have the privilege to benefit from a total transparency as the designers source, design and manufacture locally.
Since sustainability can be difficult to decipher, we tried to make it as sexy and meaningful as possible for you; our products are now categorised under four ethical categories that we value:
These capsule collections are entirely made by our designers in their studio or by a small collective of experienced artisans in their respective countries, thereby creating jobs for local artisans and contributing to the strength and sustainability of their families. Not to mention the boost it provides to their respective national economies.
We pride ourselves on our specially curated meaningful fashion pieces, which you wouldn’t find anywhere else in the world. If you wear any of Ipseity’s one-off piece of clothing or accessory, you can be sure that you’re the only one wearing it in the whole world as there is and will ever be just one. So, love it and keep it forever.
We believe that style and Sustainability can coexist. Expressing our individuality through fashion must not come at the cost of our planet and health. Shopping Organic fashion is good for humans, it saves us from pesticides and harmful chemicals, it is better for the health and land of the farmers, and is good for the environment, it also protects wildlife.
Recycling materials or giving purpose to an item that is no longer in use is how we can change our consumerist way of living for the better.  As a society, we feel it’s time we start looking at our old clothes as a starting point for the creation of beautiful new pieces. For those who create beauty out of discarded waste giving fashion a second life, and for those who appreciate recycled and upcycled fashion, Ipseity holds a special place for you.

Meet our Founder.


Born and raised in France, London based fashion stylist Jane Marle brought her interest of sustainable fashion and independent designers to the UK market. Carefully curating a collection of high fashion and ethical independent brands, encouraging them to use their leftover fabrics to create limited editions pieces, Jane aims to give a unique story to tell. Her passion stems from her experiences with effective collaborations with designers and fascinating people to build a different fashion future. IPSEITY became a manifestation of her interest to bring unique pieces to truly unique people in a sustainable way while helping new and upcoming designers gaining eminence in the fashion world.
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